Unicorn Berries Shower Steamer


Dazzle your senses with Leebrick's Unicorn Berries Shower Steamer! Let the mystical blend of grape, peach, and plum with sparkling citrus and rose scents brighten your day. Release your inner Unicorn and immerse yourself with this luxurious formula to your personal spa day. Great for a magical morning shower!

  • Details

    • One tablet shower fizzy, large 3.5 oz. size 
    • Magical spa-like experience
    • One time use (or break it up for multiple uses)
    • Comes foil wrapped to protect and keep it fresh. 
    • Made in small batches for better quality!
  • How to Use

    • Place in the shower out of the direct water. 
    • As the water hits the steamer it will release the scent.
    • Take it all in.
    • Enjoy
  • Ingredients

    Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, avocado oil, Kaolin clay, Fragrance

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